Sony PSVR2 First Look: Details, Specs, Impressions

Sony introduced its first virtual reality PlayStation headset way back in 2016. It was the Before Times, a simpler, pandemic-less age of 1080p graphics and only a hint of real-world apocalypse on the horizon. It’s probably safe to say that these days people are more eager to escape into virtual worlds. To that end, Sony … Read more

PS5’s New VR2 Tech Is Making A Great First Impression

Image: Sony Sony’s PSVR for PlayStation 4, the first serious VR add-on for a console, did pretty darn well for itself. It was reasonably affordable, well received by players and critics alike, and got a lot more post-launch support than many prior PlayStation hardware efforts (RIP, dear Vita). Now, various outlets have gotten their first … Read more

‘Reality One’ Trademark Could Be Tied To Apple AR/VR Headset

Photo: AFP (Getty Images) Is Apple secretly funding a shadowy shell company to buy up trademarks related to its in-development VR/AR headset? That’s the latest juicy speculation out of the Apple headset rumor mill over at Bloomberg. The new report cites trademark filings in nearly a dozen countries for names like, “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” … Read more

Maxim Zhestkov’s hypnotic art makes virtual worlds tangible

Maxim Zhestkov’s work is a tale of two worlds. One we can set foot in, one offers us a convincing illusion of that possibility. After 20 years working with brands such as Playstation, Google, BMW, and Adidas, the Russian-born, London-based artist is now immersed in self-initiated art projects, driven by an ‘obsession’ with computer graphics, … Read more