Wiley Cash, Sandra Cisneros, Marc Palmieri and Neil deGrasse Tyson among 50 plus authors featured at Bookmarks’ 2022 Festival of Books & Authors | Books

Bookmarks will hold its 17th Annual Festival of Books & Authors on Sept. 24 in downtown Winston-Salem, featuring more than 50 authors from throughout the country and the world. The festival will be held in various indoor and outdoor locations and will offer several ticketed events starting Sept. 22 and closing out on Sept. 26. … Read more

Everything Avant-Garde Is Old Again

If you ask experimental theater about its intentions, you’ll usually hear about either revolution or radicalism—something explosive. Even the term “avant-garde” is salvaged from the battlefield: when you’re struggling against realism, pieces are supposed to resist guard defy guard transgression. But look. Everybody’s tired. Anything, including revolution, can be repurposed as comfort right now. Nostalgia … Read more

Longtime friend of Blake Shelton shares country music star’s story in new book | Books

Long ago, a small-town guy with big-time dreams used to tell people he was going to make a living (A) singing country music or (B) picking up cans on the side of the road. Blake Shelton picks up a lot of “metal” — if you count gold and platinum records. The country music superstar from … Read more