Constance Wu reflects on harassment, suicide attempt in interview

Constance Wu says she didn’t report the sexual harassment she allegedly experienced on the set of “Fresh Off the Boat” out of fear of getting fired from the ABC sitcom. “I was scared of losing my job, and compared to the other stories of the harassment I endured, it ‘wasn’t that bad,’” she said in … Read more

She berated me because my self-restraint makes her feel bad

Dear Amy: Recently, a longtime, good friend was staying with me as a guest for five nights at an expensive resort. She is used to consuming drinks and snacks throughout the day. I am the opposite, and closely watch what I eat and always politely decline ordering anything when she asks. Last week she told … Read more

Neena Pacholke, Wisconsin morning news anchor, dead at 27

The Wisconsin morning news anchor and former college basketball player died suddenly Saturday at age 27 in an apparent suicide. News of WAOW anchor Neena Pacholke’s death left her family and colleagues stunned, and she was remembered for her contagious smile and happy-go-lucky demeanor. “Neena Pacholke, our beloved morning anchor passed away suddenly Saturday,” 9 … Read more

‘Empire’ Actress’ Lindsey Pearlman’s Sodium Nitrite Suicide Is Part of a Disturbing Trend

A medical examiner’s report revealed this week that Empire actress Lindsey Pearlman died by suicide in February from sodium nitrite poisoning—and she’s not alone. Her death is part of an alarming trend that’s left officials scrambling and family members of victims suing Amazon for selling the substance, a common food preservative that can have fatal … Read more