Is TikTok’s NyQuil Chicken Real? The Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide to Kid Culture

Screenshots: DomisLive NEWS/Twitter Dear Food and Drug Administration: You need to start asking me what things are real and what things are fake among teenagers before you send out warnings. This week’s real-things: Chinese teenagers pretending to go to American high school, a rapping politician redefining “cringe,” and a video game critic taking a huge … Read more

YouTuber Confesses To Being Gaming Industry Leaker, Gets Caught

Image: Ubisoft / Dan Allen Gaming / Kotaku It turns out a Twitter account called TheRealInsider, the latest in a crop of leakers posing as gaming industry insiders, was actually run by YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming. The account had convinced many in the scene that it was the real deal after accurately teasing which new … Read more

Square Enix Is Shutting Down The Worst PS5 Game Of The Year

Image: Square Enix / Platinum Games Today, publisher Square Enix and developer Platinum Games finally did what everyone had been predicting from the start: they announced Babylon’s Fall will shut down within its first year. While I’m hardly surprised, it still sucks. People paid $60 for this game just six months ago, and less than … Read more

Rumor Suggests That Development On MARVEL’S AVENGERS Continues Relatively Unaffected

Marvel’s Avengers has had a challenging road, leading to speculation that it would stop being supported by Crystal Dynamics. However, a new rumor suggests a positive outlook for the game. It’s been a rocky road for Marvel’s Avengers. The project became one of the most anticipated games in the past decade following its announcement in … Read more

It’s Official, Tactics Ogre: Reborn Is Coming To Switch

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Update: Square Enix has shared some more details about the upcoming Tactics Ogre: Reborn on an official blog post. The developer has detailed all of the improvements to this version of the Super Famicom title, which is based on the PSP remake of the same name. We’ll list them … Read more