13 Bikes That Could See An Update In 2023

Every two or three years you can expect to see prototype bikes in development rolling around races and trade shows, but that timeline seems to have slowed down if we recap what bikes we anticipated getting an update by now. That could be due to a couple of reasons, but the ones that stand out … Read more

First Ride: The 2023 Santa Cruz Tallboy Gets Updated, Not Overhauled

For Santa Cruz, the previous generation of the Tallboy was a bike that became something of a cult classic. It seemed to resonate with nearly everyone who rode it, inspiring all sorts of unique custom builds, some of them focused on eking out as much downhill performance as possible, and others on making into an … Read more

Check Out: An Air Compressor To Seat Tubeless Tires, Stealthy Body Protection, Giant’s Cycling Computer, & Mullet Links

A lot of gear comes across our desks here at Pinkbike. Check Out is an occasional round up of everything our tech editors have gotten their hands on. Sometimes it’s products we’re doing long-term tests on, other times it’s stuff we’re stoked on but don’t have time to fully review. And, sometimes it’s crazy shit … Read more

First Ride: The New Santa Cruz 5010 Has In-Frame Storage & a Sporty New Haircut

Santa Cruz has been on a roll with revamping almost its entire product line this year, and today the California brand announced the new 5010. The 5010 has historically held its spot in the Santa Cruz lineup as a 130 mm, 27.5″ trail bike, but it has now given up its smaller front wheel in … Read more

Field Test: Contra MC – The Steel Steamroller

PINKBIKE FIELD TEST Contra MC Words by Mike Kazimer; photography by Dave Trumpore The Contra MC (MC stands for Magic Carpet) is the home brewed creation of Evan Turpen, a former pro downhill racer and mechanic who taught himself how to use engineering software in order to create bikes that matched his needs. The MC … Read more

Field Test: Deviate Claymore – High Pivot Heaven

PINKBIKE FIELD TEST Deviate Claymore Words by Mike Kazimer; photography by Dave Trumpore On paper the Claymore looks like a brute, with a high pivot suspension design, 29” wheels, and 165mm of rear travel. It was a slightly different story out on the trail, where Deviate’s latest carbon creation ended up surprising testers with its … Read more

Field Test: 2022 Intense Tracer S – Energy & Speed

PINKBIKE FIELD TEST Intense Tracer S Words by Matt Beer; photography by Dave Trumpore Intense Cycles had been working on the Tracer for quite some time before launching the carbon mixed-wheeled enduro bike in April of 2022. In fact, last summer, we were able to lock down a First Ride on Chris Kovarik’s personal bike, … Read more

The Paralititan: The 300mm Huck Bike Concept

The FULL BUILD PART SELECTION: THE FORK: While many compatible parts such as bars, stem, wheels (Including juicy, fat 3″ tires) were easy to source as they are standard parts, things like suspension were a little trickier so I had to look outside of the normal scope to find what would fit. The suspension had … Read more

Field Test: The Commencal Meta SX is also a Bruiser

PINKBIKE FIELD TEST Commencal Meta SX Words by Alicia Leggett; photography by Dave Trumpore It’s big, it’s metal, and it’s the least expensive bike we tested. The Commencal Meta SX looks pretty interesting on paper, with its mixed wheel sizes, 1286 mm wheelbase, and robust frame. So what does the new Meta SX have to … Read more

Ask Pinkbike: AXS Derailleurs, Izzo Shocks, & Brake Caliper Conundrums

Here at Pinkbike, we get inundated with all kinds of questions, ranging from the basic “Can I have stickers?” to more in-depth, soul-searching types of queries like if you should pop the question or what to name your first child. Ask Pinkbike is an occasional column where we’ll be hand-picking and answering questions that have … Read more