Eating My Way Through Atlanta’s Biggest Food Festival

Photo: Su-Jit Lin Large crowds, long lines, and unmasked mouths agape like a hungry baby bird’s? A year ago, that might have sounded like a nightmare. But now, with restrictions easing and outdoor gatherings once again in full swing, it was a gluttonous, Technicolor dream: the return of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Over … Read more

How to Start Meal Prepping Without It Taking Over Your Life

Photo: Elena Veselova (Shutterstock) When you get serious about your fitness goals (be they strength- or weight-related), often one first step is to get your nutrition in order. You want to get enough protein to support your muscles, fruits and vegetables for health, carbs for fueland a total amount of calories that supports your activity … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide: Best Recipe List

Image: Gameloft Hey, no judgment if you burn your toast, I still occasionally eat dinosaur chicken nuggies. We don’t all have what it takes in the kitchen, but the life simulation game Disney’s Dreamlight Valley let everyone take control of their destiny. Tendon Dreamlight, your protagonist is inherently a winner. You’re always safe, even when … Read more

Make This Delicious Breakfast Strata With Trader Joe’s Spinach Dip

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann Whether you’re prepping for a busy week ahead or hosting a weekend brunch party, a make-ahead egg casserole is the time saver you need. Breakfast strata not only allow you to build in more “me-time,” but they’re exceptionally flexible in their flavor possibilities, so you can do a holistic fridge clear-out … Read more

The Best Order to Book Your Flight, Hotel, and Car Rental

Photo: GaudiLab (Shutterstock) When you’re budgeting in your pre-travel spreadsheet, you probably book flights first. Airline tickets are usually the most expensive aspect of travel, and it’s instinctive to purchase them first and then plan your car rental and hotel from there. However, this order of operations could be costing you. The savviest way to … Read more

How to Grill a Duck

Photo: Claire Lower Duck has a reputation for being fussy, and I blame the French. I am sick of the French (way of preparing and cooking duck). All that talk of separating the breast from the legs, and cooking each one separately, the breast carefully cooked to a perfect medium rare, while the legs are … Read more

The Apple Pie Topping That Divides Our Nation

Apple pie with cheddar cheese.Photo: Lauren Harkawik Slooking for an excuse to eat some apple pie this fall, I decided to write about one of the things that’s been a mystery to me since moving to Vermont about a decade ago: cheddar cheese on apple pie. I had no idea that investigating this custom would … Read more

How to Complain About Your Restaurant Food Without Being a Jerk

Photo: frantic00 (Shutterstock) In just the past few months, I’ve been in four situations where I felt a need to complain about food, from grocery stores to mail order companies to restaurants. This might sound quaint, but I didn’t simply blast them in a one-star Yelp review, or post a nasty comment on social media. … Read more

What It’s Really Like to Compete on ‘Beat Bobby Flay’

Screenshots: Food Network Being on a cooking game show seems like it would be stressful, to say the least. You’ve got a limited window of time to cook, you’re in a kitchen you’re not familiar with, and your fierce competition wants nothing but to beat your ass in a cook-off. In the long-running Food Network … Read more

Turn Your Leftover Oatmeal Into Fried Oatmeal Squares

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann SHEatmeal too not my favorite food. It makes me look like a child eating lima beans, and I eat it with a sad face. But with some butter, there’s a way to turn oatmeal into something even haters can enjoy: crisp, fried oatmeal squares. If you’ve ever had leftover oatmeal in … Read more