JENNI MURRAY: The Royals will regret choosing to humiliate Prince Harry

Truly I did not expect to find myself feeling desperately sorry for Prince Harry. Yet as the days of mourning for his beloved grandmother passed by, this young man appeared to suffer humiliation after humiliation. Grief, shame and anger passed continuously across his face and I could only pity a man who still, to me, … Read more

Queen was ‘exhausted’ by Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘turmoil’

The Queen was “hurt” and “exhausted” by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to quit royal life and the ensuing drama they caused. The late monarch — who died at age 96 on Sept. 8 — reportedly confided to a friend that “she was exhausted by the turmoil of their decision,” writes royal scribe, Katie … Read more

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle back in California after Queen’s funeral

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have flown back to California following an extended mourning period for the death of Queen Elizabeth II in the UK, Page Six can confirm. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left their homeland on Tuesday, one day after they attended the late monarch’s funeral services. It does not appear likely … Read more

With ceremonies over, King Charles III faces the biggest task

LONDON (AP) — The cannons have sounded, the bells have rung and the mourners have paid their respects. Now King Charles III faces the task of preserving a 1,000-year-old monarchy that his mother nurtured for seven decades but that faces an uncertain future. The challenge is immense. Personal affection for the queen meant that the … Read more

Ex-Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown says Prince Harry ‘has a role to play’ in Royal Family

Prince Harry ‘has a big role to play’ in the Royal Family but needs to ‘ditch’ his upcoming memoir to regain his relatives’ trust, Tina Brown said today. The former Vanity Fair editor suggested the freeze in hostilities between the Duke of Sussex and his brother, the Prince of Wales, made it a good time … Read more

Prince Harry, Charlotte shared a sweet moment at the Queen’s funeral

Prince Harry and his niece, Princess Charlotte, were spotted sharing a sweet moment during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service Monday. The duo were sitting side-by-side when the 7-year-old reached up to adjust her black hat. Charlotte subsequently glanced over at the Duke of Sussex, 38, who met her eye. They smiled at each other before … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stayed in Windsor after uniting with the royal family

Harry and Meghan stayed in the UK last night after reuniting with the royals to mourn the Queen but are expected to leave for California ‘as soon as they can’ after not seeing Archie and Lilibet for nearly three weeks. The Sussexes arrived in Britain on September 3 for the first time since the Queen’s … Read more

Princes William and Harry unite in grief at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

William donned the British Royal Air Force uniform for the solemn occasion. Harry flanked his brother on his left for the event, but did not wear a military uniform, as he is no longer a working member of the royal family. Chris Jackson/Getty Images King Charles III, Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, … Read more

Prince William, Prince Harry ‘trying their best’ to get along

Prince Harry has reportedly found it “difficult” being in Prince William’s company at times over the past week. The two brothers, who have been estranged for a number of years, have been forced to spend time together since their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Sept. 8. A source close to Harry told the Sunday … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral | Live updates

LONDON — The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II has competed in a procession at walking pace through central London and is bound in a hearse for her final resting place at Windsor Castle. After being pulled more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) from Westminster Abbey on a gun carriage by 142 Royal Navy sailors, the … Read more