‘Lucy by the Sea’ Is a Pandemic Novel Frozen in Time

During the spring of 2020, I found myself thinking a lot about the fact that I was living through a historic disaster. I read about past wars and crises, trying to calm myself with the knowledge that previous generations had been through worse. I can see now that I was distracting myself from my own … Read more

How Do I Run a Successful Book Club?

Imagine this familiar scenario: A book club has decided to meet at an appointed time and place. The host has lit candles, set wine and cheese on a table, arranged chairs in a circle, and put on background music. The guests arrive, maybe holding hardcovers with stiff spines or library-laminated dust jackets. The room fills … Read more

The Best Shows of 2022 Have Something in Common

Forget dragons. Forget sinister, squelchy alternate dimensions. Forget fugue-state globe hopping and ethereal elven world-building. The maximalist, budget-busting trend in television is aesthetically overwhelming and virtually unavoidable right now. Still, the most fascinating shows of 2022 thus far aren’t the ones reconstructing Edith Wharton’s New York brick by pixelated brick or staging cinematic missions to … Read more