Travel prices may be dropping—is now the time to book a trip?

Travel prices may be dropping—is now the time to book a trip?

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet. Skyrocketing airfares earlier this year and recent headlines about persistent inflation may be discouraging potential travelers. Yet recent data suggest that prices for hotels, air travel and rental cars are softening this autumn. And the US dollar’s continued strength has driven down international travel costs. The Consumer … Read more

Who inherits Queen Elizabeth’s clothes, jewels after her death?

Queen Elizabeth’s $447 million fortune is set to be split among members of her family following her death earlier this month at the age of 96. But royal watchers are wondering what will happen to her huge collection of clothing and jewelry. The monarch was famous for her classic sense of style, wearing colorful coordinated … Read more

These six health rules are actually myths, says the doctor

The healthy guidelines you live by might actually be ridiculous myths. Last week, the rule that you need to get in 10,000 steps per day made news when it was reported that the number was actually a Japanese marketing ploy with little scientific basis. It’s hardly the only health fact that’s actually a fiction, said … Read more

Mario Batali documentary details alleged assault on employee

A woman who accused celebrity chef Mario Batali of sexual assault while unconscious is putting herself in the line of fire, identifying herself publicly for the first time since the alleged traumatic event occurred in 2005, and detailing her harrowing experience. One minute, Eva DeVirgilis, 43, said she was invited to an intimate dinner with … Read more

Anthony Bourdain’s unrealized dream comes to life

Anthony Bourdain traveled the world, ate everything from silkworm larvae soup in Seoul to seal eyes in Quebec, and broke bread with presidents and prime ministers. But he had one notable food dream that was never realized: opening a global market. In 2013, he first met with Singapore food expert KF Seetoh about working together … Read more

Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster speaks on policing Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Penny Lancaster had “great training and preparation” to be part of the police detail on Monday for Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral. “With all that planning going ahead, you can never quite predict how the crowd is [going to] react and the dangers that might lie ahead,” the British model and TV personality, who is … Read more

Check out these travel jobs you didn’t know existed

Travel is back. Even though that trite phrase may be floating everywhere, these globe-trotter-friendly careers fly under the radar. Ahead, meet four individuals with off-the-beaten-path tourism-driven jobs. All make for unique employment opportunities that may very well inspire you to rethink your own journey. Director of mindfulness programming At the verdant Mohonk Mountain House in … Read more

Meet the sausage ‘queen’ of NYC’s San Gennaro Feast 2022

Imagining Little Italy’s annual Feast of San Gennaro without the spicy links from Lucy’s Sausage is all but impossible. Maybe that’s because the pork peddler celebrates its 95th year in business this month, making it one of New York’s most iconic Italian-American businesses — you don’t end up in a “Godfather” movie for nothing — … Read more

NYC’s hottest new restaurant Al Coro is a pretentious nightmare

Let’s be clear. New, artsy-Italian restaurant Al Coro, one of the year’s most-hyped openings, has great food. Make that a lot of great food. But everything else about the supposed phoenix rising from the ashes of the former, scandal-seared Del Posto space on 10th Avenue, from the look to the vibe to the prices? Rotten … Read more