Who inherits Queen Elizabeth’s clothes, jewels after her death?

Queen Elizabeth’s $447 million fortune is set to be split among members of her family following her death earlier this month at the age of 96. But royal watchers are wondering what will happen to her huge collection of clothing and jewelry. The monarch was famous for her classic sense of style, wearing colorful coordinated … Read more

Steampunk: The world’s most derided subculture is ready for its comeback

Grab your parasols and aviation goggles! Steampunk might be considered untouchable now, but the pace at which trends are being regurgitated means that anything is possible By now, we’re all familiar with the relentless cycle of trends that are infiltrating the internet – and our minds. From Y2K lake Indie Sleaze, we’ve experienced an endless … Read more

Royal funeral guests wear quiet tributes to the Queen

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN The late Queen Elizabeth II was a master of symbolic dressing, using clothes, colors, hats and jewels to communicate with subjects and conduct soft diplomacy. On Monday, as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch was laid to rest, it was time for her admirers — family members, heads of states and other dignitaries … Read more

A history of Britain’s royal mourning dress codes

Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN Out of respect for Queen Elizabeth II, members of the British royal family will adhere to a somber dress code for Monday’s state funeral. King Charles will wear a full day ceremonial uniform with medals, and will carry the red velvet and gold Field Marshal Baton that the Queen presented … Read more

New York Fashion Week: How Black Designers Stole The Show

NEW YORK — Thursday marked the end of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) spring-summer 2023. Aside from the storied afterpartiesthe real-lifeDevil Wears Prada” moments and celebrity sightings, the weeklong series of events is hheralded as fashion’s grand mainstage. NYFW signals the styles and silhouettes that will be dominating retail racks in the coming months, and … Read more

Ti West’s X Prequel Brings Elevated Horror

Mia Goth in Ti West’s Pearlthe prequel to X.Photo: A24 With Pearlwriter-director Ti West both embraces and elevates what horror movies can do, in a way that further solidifies his standing as one of the best things to ever happen to the genre. A prequel to West’s terrifying X—his second film in the “XCU,” with … Read more

Unseen photographs capturing the ‘big bang’ of Berlin techno

A new photobook, Tresor: True Stories, celebrates an institution that spearheaded the sound and scene that has since come to define club culture in the German capital In a dank corner of a former Berlin power station lies is a techno goldmine. The concrete vault – a hidden room nestled in the Tresor-Kraftwerk complex – … Read more

The fashion legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

Features · fashion Clothes that rallied a nation: Queen Elizabeth II’s fashion legacy Over seven decades, the late Queen taught a masterclass in elegant, purposeful dressing. Caryn Franklin is a fashion and identity commentator, and professor of diversity at the Kingston School of Art in London. One of the many legacies left by Queen Elizabeth … Read more

Art shows to leave the house for this September

From Arvida Byström’s uncanny sex dolls to Peter Hujar’s star-studded photography archive, we round up the exhibitions you need to see this month Multi-disciplinary artist Arvida Byström has long prodded ideas of femininity and technology to expand conversations on how they are defined and intersect. In her latest exhibition and performance piece, The Doll’s House … Read more

Timothée Chalamet wins Venice. Go home, everyone – it’s all over.

Timothée Chalamet stars in one of this year’s most anticipated films, shows up to the Venice red carpet premiere in style, and drops pearls of wisdom on social media. What can’t he do? Thank you, Timothée Chalamet – and to everyone else, on behalf of all men, our sincerest apologies for not being Timothée Chalamet. … Read more