Artist spends two years covering every square inch of his £1.35m house in DOODLES

The world-renowned artist has spent two years covering every square inch of his £1.35 million house in doodles – working his way through 900 liters of emulsion, 401 cans of spray paint, 286 bottles of drawing paint, and 2,296 pen nibs. Sam Cox, also known as Mr Doodle, has spent the last two years plastering … Read more

Artist Claims US Copyright for Graphic Novel Using AI Art

This image was downloadable off Shutterstock and labeled as AI-generated. The platform has struggled to come up with a comprehensive policy for AI-generated images on their site.Image: teh_z1b (Shutterstock) Whether you think they’re legitimate artistic creations or artistically derivative and plagiaristic, AI-generated images exist in a strange legal limbo that no governmental body has yet … Read more

How political candidates are targeting you on social media based on your music tastes, shopping habits and favorite TV shows

CNN — Marco Rubio hopes to sway voters interested in Chick-fil-A, Ram trucks, and Duck Dynasty. John Fetterman is searching for fans of microbreweries, Teslas, and the Dave Matthews Band. And Michael Bennet wants to reach people who like Taylor Swift and Lizzo – while avoiding devoted listeners of Jason Aldean. Candidates in some of … Read more

TikTok Company’s New VR Headset Competes with Meta on Price

The Pico 4 headset is the closest-priced and sufficiently powerful VR device to the Meta Quest 2 we’ve seen to date. Screenshots: Pico/ByteDance Meta is terrified of TikTok’s domineering presence in the social media market, and now it seems the company behind the app, ByteDance, is coming for Meta’s own stake in the Metaverse with … Read more

Muralists paint Donkey Kong on Concord building

Chris Schleyer knew the new elevator shaft with crisscrossed beams installed behind his apartment building on South State Street was the perfect canvas for something special. “After it went up, we saw the steel beams crisscrossing up and down and it looked like the Donkey Kong game,” Schleyer said. “It’s different than everything I’ve seen … Read more

Josh Duhamel, 49, seemingly ties the knot with Miss World America Audra Mari, 28, in North Dakota

Josh Duhamel seemingly said the words, ‘I do,’ to his fiancee, Audra Mari, earlier on Saturday in his home state of North Dakota, reported TMZ. The Transformers alum, 49, and former beauty pageant competitor, 28, reportedly tied the knot during a scenic rooftop ceremony at a location known as the Jasper Hotel in a city … Read more

Royal Websites Were Ready For Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Two men at Buckingham Palace in England hold a message announcing Queen Elizabeth II’s death.Photo: ESLEY MARTIN/AFP (Getty Images) Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, monarch of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth realms, which includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, huge swathes of the internet have become a field of tributes. Bare and … Read more

Facebook blames ‘configuration change’ for glitch that flooded feeds with posts to celebrity pages

Facebook suffered a bizarre glitch today that resulted in users’ feeds being flooded with posts from strangers sharing content on celebrity pages. Thousands of the social network’s 2.8 billion global users reported falling victim to the bug, which filled news feeds with messages, memes and images. MailOnline found that some trolls took advantage of the … Read more

‘Toxic influencer’ Andrew Tate is banned from Facebook and Instagram for ‘violating policies’

‘Toxic influencer’ Andrew Tate, 35, has been banned from Facebook and Instagram after being slammed for creating misogynistic content. Meta, who owns the two social media platforms, said the controversial influencer had violated its policies. The ex-Big Brother star made a multi-million pound fortune by posting disturbing misogynistic videos. Videos on the app under the … Read more

How to Use End-to-End Encryption in Facebook Messenger Right Now

Meta might not be a bastion of digital privacy (and very well might be an enemy of it), but the times might be a-changin’. The company announced on Thursday, Aug. 11 they are testing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Facebook Messenger as the default, meaning all Messenger users would have their chats protected from spying eyes … Read more