HBO’s ‘Escape From Kabul’ Documentary Goes Inside the Afghanistan Evacuation From Hell

A year later, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is still a blur. For those of us watching from afar, the hasty airlifts looked more like the climax of a war movie than a coordinated military operation by the world’s only superpower. The month of August 2021 was filled with minute-to-minute updates on the chaos: the … Read more

Netflix’s ‘The Real Bling Ring’ Spotlights the Teens Who Robbed Paris Hilton and the Hollywood Elite

Few series have made Hollywood and its fame-hungry residents look more pitiful, shameful, and altogether gross as The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist, a three-part Netflix affair (Sept. 21) about the group of LA teens who committed a string of robberies—including, famously, on the homes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, … Read more

‘House of Hammer’ Exposes Armie Hammer’s Horror-Show Family

Numerous reports—as well as his own DMs—indicate that Armie Hammer loves to tie women up, physically and sexually abuse and mistreat them, and fantasize about eating their flesh. None of this has been legally proven and he currently faces no criminal charges for any of the claims leveled against him, but the court of public … Read more

Armie Hammer’s Aunt Reveals How He Became ‘a Monster’ in ‘House of Hammer’

In January 2021, after nearly a year living under relative COVID isolation, an anonymous Instagram account with the name @HouseOfEffie began posting screenshots of DMs the actor Armie Hammer had sent to a number of women detailing rape and cannibalism fantasies. The viral messages prompted a number of his recent exes to come forward, including … Read more

‘Keep This Between Us’ Exposes the Disturbing Grooming Epidemic in America’s Schools

When the harrowing revelations about Harvey Weinstein first broke in 2017, Cheryl Nichols—executive producer and subject of the Freeform docuseries Keep This Between Us—remembers reading the coverage in her living room. “The first thing I thought of,” she recently told The Daily Beast, “was what happened to me.” As described in the docuseries, Nichols grew … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Running With the Devil’ Exposes Suspected Murderer John McAfee’s Madness

John McAfee became unbelievably wealthy by protecting others’ computers, and yet at a certain point in his life, the notorious antivirus software pioneer decided that the only means of protecting himself was to move overseas, arm himself to the teeth, ingest tons of drugs and booze, and routinely flee from law enforcement and shadowy forces … Read more

Holocaust Documentary ‘Three Minutes – A Lengthening’ Is the Most Haunting Film of the Year

Seeing may be believing, but is it also knowing? That question hovers over Three Minutes – A LengtheningBianca Stigter’s brilliant documentary adaptation of Glenn Kurtz’s 2014 book Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film about a brief home movie and the facts and perspectives that can be gleaned from … Read more