Google Pixel event: Tech giant unveils new smartphones and its first smartwatch

CNN — Google on Thursday unveiled its new Pixel 7 smartphone lineup and its first-ever Pixel smartwatch, packed with tracking and health features from its subsidiary Fitbit. At a press event in New York City, Google showed off the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices, which largely look the same as the year … Read more

McDonald’s Staff Beg People Not To Order Adult Happy Meals

Image: McDonald’s The news of Happy Meals for adults seemed like a neat little publicity stunt for McDonald’s, and a fun story for everyone to chortle along with. Cactus Plant Flea Market-style four-eyed toys of the old McDonald’s characters, in a box for the grown ups, seems a certainty for viral success. However, it turns … Read more

The viral Miami Boys Choir is spreading Jewish joy on TikTok

Sure, Chananya Begun was surprised when he saw people on TikTok obsessing over a 2008 performance by the Miami Boys Choir, an Orthodox Jewish pop group led by his father, Yerachmiel Begun. But he wasn’t that surprised. After all, everything about it is ridiculously good. The soaring tween vocals! The funky sax break! The choreography! … Read more

Why Reddit Is Losing It Over Samsung’s New Privacy Policy

Photo: Mr. Mikla (Shutterstock) Samsung recently updated it privacy policy for all users with a Samsung accounteffective Oct. 1. One Redditor read the policy, did not like what they saw, and shared it to r/android, highlighting what they consider to be the doc’s worst policy points. The thread blew up, with Android users aplenty decrying … Read more

GameStop Pre-Orders Are A Major Mess Right Now, Staff Say

Photo: SOPA Images (Getty Images) “Is there anything you want to pre-order?” Almost nobody walks in and out of a GameStop without hearing those words. Employees are measured against how many pre-orders they can rack up while GameStop rakes in the cash months ahead of a game’s actual release. But lately, the strategy has been … Read more

Anyone can now use powerful AI tools to make images. What could possibly go wrong?

CNN Business — If you’ve ever wanted to use artificial intelligence to quickly design a hybrid between a duck and a corgi, now is your time to shine. On Wednesday, OpenAI announced that anyone can now use the most recent version of its AI-powered DALL-E tool to generate a seemingly limitless range of images just … Read more

Amazon’s $999 dog-like robot is getting smarter

CNN — Amazon on Wednesday unveiled a collection of product updates that tie together its vast suite of services and help ensure it remains at the center of people’s lives and homes. Nearly a year after Amazon (AMZN) was met with criticism over its controversial vision for the future of home security, the company is … Read more

This guy is using AI to make a movie — and you can help decide what happens next

CNN — “Salt” resembles many science-fiction films from the ’70s and early ’80s, complete with 35mm footage of space freighters and moody alien landscapes. But while it looks like a throwback, the way it was created points to what could be a new frontier for making movies. “Salt” is the brainchild of Fabian Stelzer. He’s … Read more

How political candidates are targeting you on social media based on your music tastes, shopping habits and favorite TV shows

CNN — Marco Rubio hopes to sway voters interested in Chick-fil-A, Ram trucks, and Duck Dynasty. John Fetterman is searching for fans of microbreweries, Teslas, and the Dave Matthews Band. And Michael Bennet wants to reach people who like Taylor Swift and Lizzo – while avoiding devoted listeners of Jason Aldean. Candidates in some of … Read more

Samsung Fitness Watch Left on Overnight Burned User’s Wrist

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 debuted in 2019, but some users have long complained about some watch devices overheating.Photo: Drew Anger/ (Getty Images) Rather than being a hot-ticket item, some earlier models of the Samsung Galaxy watch are reportedly getting too hot, period. One Reddit user said he was pretty severely burned by an … Read more