Netflix may be missing an opportunity in horror movies

A button for launching the Netflix application is seen on a remote control in this photo illustration in Warsaw, Poland on April 25, 2019. Jaap Arriens | NurPhoto | Getty Images There’s a big money question haunting Netflix. In recent years, the streamer has spent big on flashy, blockbuster-style action movies like “The Gray Man” … Read more

Barack and Michelle Obama Make Surprise Appearance at MVAAFF

The 2022 Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival (MVAAFF) kicked off Friday with great pomp and circumstance — and a few bars of “Hail to the Chief” — as Barack and Michelle Obama made a special appearance for the opening night screening of Netflix documentary “ Descendant.” When Netflix acquired worldwide rights to the Sundance … Read more

Mike Tyson Claims Hulu Stole His Story — ‘I’m Not AN****r You Can Sell On The Auction Block’

With director Craig Gillespie, producer Margot Robbie, and writer Steven Rogers at the helm (the team behind the film “I, Tonya”), Hulu is slated to debut “Mike,” a limited series that follows legendary boxing superstar Mike Tyson from his early childhood to his days in prison and so on. The series, which premieres on August … Read more

John Leguizamo’s “No Problems With James Franco”; Fidel Castro Pic Producer Defends – Deadline

After expressing his outrage over James Franco being cast as Fidel Castro in the independent feature drama Alina of Cuba, Primetime Emmy winner John Leguizamo has expounded on his stance regarding Hollywood casting non-Latinos in Latino roles. Specifically, in an Instagram post earlier today, he says “Alright, look, I got no problems with James Franco, … Read more

Rebecca Hall’s 7-Minute Monologue in ‘Resurrection’ Is a Tour de Force

Show, don’t tell. Normally, that’s a cardinal rule in movie-making—at least for everyone other than Aaron Sorkin. Using copious amounts of dialogue can be seen as a narrative crutch, a missed opportunity for actors to use their bodies to tell the stories on the page. This is what can make monologues so powerful in the … Read more

Chris Pratt’s new thriller The Terminal List smashes ratings despite woke critics’ scathing reviews

Woke critics who panned Chris Pratt’s new thriller series ‘The Terminal List’ were left red-cheeked this week as it leapfrogged other shows to place No. 2 on the list of America’s most-streamed shows. ‘The Terminal List,’ which stars Pratt as a US Navy Seal, racked up a whopping 1.6 billion minutes of streaming on Amazon … Read more