The world’s first trombone rhythm game is instantly a GOTY contender

It’s not often I paste a short video of me playing a game into the PC Gamer work Slack and other writers immediately buy it on Steam. But all it took was a 90 second clip of me trying to toot out Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in trombone-based rhythm game Trombone Champ and several copies of the game were sold. Like, instantly.

You can see the clip in the gif above, as long as you promise to turn on the sound as high as it’ll go. Yes, my performance was terrible and if Beethoven wasn’t rolling over in his grave it was only because he’d already burst out of it, staggered around shrieking, and then vomited. But in Trombone Champ, playing the trombone badly is just as much fun as playing it well, which is just one reason why I love it.

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