2022 Kansas Book Festival focuses on children

Alastair Heim’s passion for children’s books dates back to “Bar Wars,” the little-known, offshoot book parody of the hit movie series “Star Wars.”

Who could forget such characters as Charleston Chewy, Darth Nougat and Master Soda, as they shot through the stars in their candy-bar themed adventures?

Heim sure wasn’t going to forget, mostly because he wrote the book as a homework project when he was in sixth grade.

But it was through this class assignment that Heim began to realize that books could be more than pictures and prose on pages — they could be children’s first forays into creativity and new possibilities, especially at younger ages.

“Immersing kids in visual imagery and storytelling, especially with rhyme and meter — where they hear the cadence that can almost be lyrical — I truly believe that that sets children off on a creative path, which you can really see come to life once they get to school.”

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