15 finger food ideas that can make your wedding unforgettable

Cronuts; cheesecakes; waffles; chicken scones; and French fry cones are just some of the awesome trending wedding finger food ideas. These kinds of foods are perfect for wedding ideas on a budget, and can bring with them a homely but playful vibe that can make your wedding a more friendly affair.

These sorts of finger foods with a little restaurant edge can become talking points that set your wedding apart from the rest. Read on to discover some cute ideas that will make your special day an unforgettable one.

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Baby Lobster Rolls

This is a New England classic that leaves mouths watering regardless of the wedding style. Top finger food for a wedding reception is this neat creation. In their tiny sizes, they make the most delectable of hor’s d’oeuvre. Best served as part of a memorable buffet, your guests will relish gulping down these tiny but luxurious lobster rolls.

Bite-sized waffles

Waffles remain in popular demand for the traditional breakfast. But it’s also a perfect and easy wedding food for guests. Incorporate variations of bite-sized waffles into your wedding menu ideas. Pair it with corn and cilantro or dollops of sour cream; a great sweet treat for the icebreaking cocktail hour.

Unique Crumbly Cobbler

For the perfect rustic wedding reception vibe, spice up your menu with something sweet. Serve up the exotic and earthy blueberry cobbler. Finish up with a ton of vanilla ice cream topping. This is a finger food surprise that few can refuse.


In a time when everyone is health and wellness conscious, a befitting wedding dessert is a slightly salted cheesecake. An amazing replacement for the sweet and heavy alternatives. Make your cheesecake in tiers and complete with your favorite garnish. This is a cake cum gorgeous dessert that everyone will love.

S'mores on the go

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Donut Wall

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S’mores on the Go

Homemade s’mores are one of the most inventive wedding dinner ideas. Give your guests a homely feel by allowing them to roast themselves. Set up a fire pit at your wedding venue and have your guests get to work. It’s the ultimate in evocative outdoor living for the most hip of wedding dinners.

Donut Wall

In the last year, wedding desserts experienced an upgrade with fanciful donut walls. Bring this trend to your wedding by creating a wall of donuts. Heighten the attraction with toppings or garnishes. This is one dessert that guests, whether young or old, can’t get enough of.

Grilled Cheese Bites

Present grilled cheese bites in the company of seasoned tomato soup shooters. You may also go for alternatives like the chicken tortilla, lentil soup or broccoli cheese. These are classics that will always be a wedding party pleasure.

Pizza Pies

Looking for cheap catering ideas for a wedding? Opt for tasty pizza pies. Make it stand out by setting up a pizza station where guests can go and knock themselves out. Finish up by lacing with a variety of toppings like mushroom, green pepper, sausage, onions, bacon, cheese or black olives.

Crostini Bar

Keep it simple and neat with crostini bar wedding food ideas. Set up a crostini station with this delicious but simple delight filled with variations of healthy and natural toppings. Choice toppings to go for include sliced ​​raw veggies, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, roasted root vegetables, cheese, or drizzle garnishes.


Cronuts is that internet-famous equal combination of donuts and croissants. This dessert is Pinterest worthy and what cookbooks and TV shows are made of. Serve them up buffet style with cinnamon sugar, dripping honey or chocolate glazing. Could your wedding be more on-trend?

French Fry Cones

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French Fry Cones

Appreciate street-style food by serving your guests with French fries in paper cones. Make them so garlicky that they’re unforgettable. Nothing beats street carnival-style food. Convivial and affable, it’s a down-to-earth approach that can sometimes be more appealing than sophisticated plating.

Cotton Candy

Humor your girl squad and female guests with a cotton candy fest. Bring in a cotton candy confectioner to create a storm of fresh candies for the whole of cocktail hour. There’s no age limit to having some kiddies fun. Everyone will want to have a taste.

Apple Balls and Sausage

For the cocktail hour, revamp the classic meatball by bringing on apple purée balls and fried sausages. Ditch the traditional toothpick holder and serve them up on silver flatware. This is wedding finger food that drips in rustic charm.

French Fries and Chicken Scones

The French fries and chicken scones combination is an instant way to add some old fashioned gusto to your ‘do without breaking the bank. Perhaps the most satisfying food on a budget, serve them up in paper cones garnished with ketchup, mustard or honey.

Custom Signature Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches are popular and so amazing. But a little more uniqueness can take them to another level. Offer up different flavors of cookies and ice cream and let the guests have their fun. They’ll create their own signature concoctions with absolute relish.

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