‘I just was trying to make my dad laugh’

In 1982, avant garde rock genius Frank Zappa scored his only top 40 hit, the Grammy-nominated, Zeitgeist-capturing “Valley Girl.” The satirical send-up of suburban SoCal teen life unexpectedly spawned a cottage industry: a cult rom-com that gave Nicolas Cage his first starring role, The Valley Girls’ Guide to Life handbook, and even fashion and cosmetic … Read more

Nintendoes what Valve don’t: Game barred from Steam will launch on Switch

Enlarge / Nothing weird going on here. Well sire. Japanese publisher Spike Chunsoft announced that the first official English translation of visual novel Chaos; Head Noah won’t be coming to Steam as planned “due to Steam’s guideline-required changes to the game’s content.” But while the game is apparently too risqué for Steam, the family-friendly folks … Read more

How Adar’s Plan Could Bring Back Sauron

Joseph Mawle as Adar in The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of PowerScreenshots: Prime Video **Warning: Spoilers lie ahead for The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power episode six.** Several major storylines converged on The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power this week, as the conflict in the Southlands finally … Read more

Romantic partners who get phubbed are more likely to spy on digital communications, study finds

New research provides evidence that people who have been “phubbed” by their romantic partner are more likely to snoop on their partner’s electronic communications. The findings have been published in Computers in Human Behavior. Phubbing is the act of snubbing someone in favor of your phone. It’s a new phenomenon, made possible by the ever-present … Read more

Best Time Loop Games On Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo Life Now video games are either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Now… but not under. Today, we’re celebrating the games that dip their toes into the underappreciated and underexplored fourth dimensions: Time. Unfortunately for us 3D peasants, we are forced to experience time in a linear fashion, going from Tuesday to Wednesday like utter plebs, … Read more

University Book Store Headlines: 9.30.2022

To learn more about University Book Store click here PURDUE FOOTBALL QB Aidan O’Connell ‘game-time decision’ for Saturday at Minnesota – GoldandBlack.com Notebook: Last Purdue outdoor win at Minnesota? Nixon was president – GoldandBlack.com Matchup Preview: Purdue-No. 21 Minnesota – GoldandBlack.com Purdue defense challenged by lack of depth in secondary – GoldandBlack.com The 3-2-1: Checking … Read more

As Trevor Noah Heads For The Stage Door, ‘The Daily Show’ Team Shocked At Timing Of Exit – Deadline

“It’s been wild,” Trevor Noah told his audience after revealing that his “time is up” on hosting The Daily Show. The news was certainly wildly unexpected. Deadline understands that Noah told his studio audience of his departure before telling many members of the Comedy Central series’ staff — news that blindsided many. The Daily Show … Read more

Stadia controllers could become e-waste unless Google issues a Bluetooth update

Enlarge / Ars originally liked the Stadia controller, describing it as “solidly built, with springy, responsive inputs.” It could still be that way without a giant USB cord if Google unlocked its full Bluetooth capabilities. Kyle Orlando Google’s Stadia game-streaming service will die an almost inevitable death early next year. Google is refunding players the … Read more

Beyoncé and Ms. Tina Cheered on Solange at the Ballet

Eavesdropping at New York’s most exclusive events. Animation: The Cut Last night at Lincoln Center, the New York City Ballet celebrated the tenth anniversary of its annual Fall Fashion Gala. Conceptualized by Sarah Jessica Parker, the gala has become one of the most exciting and exclusive fashion events on the calendar, bringing some of the … Read more