Frank Miller and Dan DiDio are ready to give back and shake things up

Together, Frank Miller and Dan DiDio have contributed so much to so many comic book publishers, that it only makes sense that they would start one of their own. Frank Miller Presents, a new publishing venture from Miller and DiDio, seeks to “invest in artists and the future of comics” by publishing several titles a year, including a return to the Ronin saga from Miller, a new superhero title called Ancient Enemies written by DiDio, and a YA adventure called Pandora.

Frank Miller Presents Ashcan (Image credit: Frank Miller Presents)

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To get the word out about their product, FMP is releasing a surprise ashcan comic book, thirty-two pages in length with twenty-seven pages of original art. Ahead of the book’s debut on August 17, Newsarama spoke with Miller and DiDio about what they hope to accomplish with the book, and what kind of work goes into Frank Miller Presents. Read on to hear what they had to say.

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