Who Needs Money When You’ve Got BDE? Pete Davidson, That’s Who!

Pete Davidson has made a professional name for himself on the standup circuit as well as for his eight seasons on Saturday Night Live. However, he may be even more well known for his high profile romances with some of the biggest and hottest celebrities. This has left many wondering—what is it that they see in the comedian?

So… that got us curious as to what Pete Davidson’s net worth could be. From appearances in movies like The King of Staten Island and the newly released Bodies Bodies BodiesDavidson is making big moves.

Testicles is all you need to know about Pete Davidson’s net worth.

How did Pete Davidson become famous?

Pete Davidson has earned his fame through his comedy career—which actually began at the age of 16 on a dare at a bowling alley. The impromptu standup set gave Davidson the comedy bug, which he began pursuing in earnest. He started booking appearances on MTV shows as a talking head comedian, including Failosophy, Guy Code, PDA and Momsand Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out.

He had his first televised standup as part of Gotham Comedy Live on Comedy Central, helping him gain further traction. Eventually, a small part in 2015’s Trainwreck introduced Davidson to Bill Hadera connection that gave him the opportunity to audition for Saturday Night Live.

Davidson earned a spot in the cast of SNL for the show’s 40th season in 2014, which is what first gave him his taste of recognizability. He became one of the youngest cast members ever and the first cast member born in the 90s.

However, it was his five-month whirlwind romance with Ariana Grande in 2018 that really put Davidson on the map. The headline-grabbing relationship was constantly in the news, especially considering the two got engaged not long after their first date. When the relationship ended almost as suddenly as it began, Davidson continued dating women who were dubbed out of his league, including Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, Phoebe Dynevor and now recently Kim Kardashian. This has kept Davidson in the headlines and therefore in the public eye.

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What is Pete Davidson’s net worth in 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pete Davidson has a net worth of $8 million. While this is a sizable amount for any person, it’s definitely dwarfed by the fact that he’s dating a literal billionaire! Davidson has earned his money through stand-up tours, working at SNLand his film and TV roles.

What is Pete Davidson’s income?

Pete Davidson’s annual income is currently in flux because he recently announced his departure from SNL after eight seasons. Typically, Davidson earns upwards of $500,000 per year, but without the regular gig, it may be different moving forward. However, he will continue to earn money through his comedy tours and other projects.

How rich is Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson currently has a net worth of $8 million and manages to usually earn in the hundreds of thousands each year. So, he’s pretty rich by the average person’s standards, but only modestly so by celebrity standards.

Does Pete Davidson have a kid?

Pete Davidson does not currently have any children of his own, although he has indicated that he would love to be a father someday. However, he has been dating Kim Kardashian since the end of 2021 and she has four children.

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Does Pete Davidson have a college degree?

Pete Davidson does not have a college degree. He graduated high school in 2012 and enrolled in St. Francis College, but dropped out after only one semester to pursue comedy full-time. Looks like he made the right decision!

Does Pete Davidson own a bar?

Pete Davidson is a part owner of the New York City bar Pebble Bar. The bar is co-owned by a few investors, including DJ Mark Ronson and actors Nicholas Braun, Justin Theroux and fellow SNL alum Jason Sudeikis. Pebble Bar opened on Feb. 28, 2022. The multilevel bar has a secret entrance fittingly through Rockefeller Center.

What is Pete Davidson doing now?

Davidson already has the movie Bodies Bodies Bodies releasing this summer. He also has the upcoming rom-com Meet Cute co-starring Kaley Cuocowhich does not have a release date but has already finished production.

Perhaps now notably, he has Bupkis, the Peacock-streaming comedy based on his life in which he will star and serve as a writer and executive producer. He has a role in director James DeMonaco‘s horror movie The Home which was in production as of March 2022.

He also has the A24 movie Wizards! In his future, another comedy. Plus, Davidson has co-written and will star in Netflix’s biopic I Slept With Joey Ramone. This is all in addition to his standup comedy work and keeping up with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

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Where is Pete Davidson currently living?

Davidson bought his mother a $1.3 million home in his native Staten Island back in 2016. As of 2021, the comedian had bought himself a $1.2 million luxury waterfront apartment also in the borough. However, considering his girlfriend lives in California, we can imagine the SNL alum has been living a more bicoastal lifestyle these days.

How much did Pete Davidson get paid for The Suicide Squad?

It is not known how much Pete Davidson was paid for his role in the 2021’s James Gunn-directed The Suicide Squadthe soft reboot of the 2016 critical and commercial failure Suicide Squad. However, Davidson did reveal that he agreed to take on the role of Blackguard after learning his character’s real name is Dick Hertz. We can imagine Davidson was paid in the tens of thousands for his role, but most likely no more than in the hundreds of thousands range.

How much did Pete Davidson get paid for Marmaduke?

Pete Davidson voiced Marmaduke in the 2022 movie Marmaduke. He has not revealed how much he was paid for the voiceover role. Because of Davidson’s rising star, we can imagine he was paid in the hundreds of thousands for the role, but most likely not too much more.

How much did Pete Davidson get paid for his Netflix special?

At this time, Davidson currently appears in four different comedy specials on Netflix, including his most recent, 2022’s Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends and 2020’s Pete Davidson: Alive From New York. It is not known how much Davidson was paid by Netflix for these specials. Many comedians have reached million-dollar deals for their comedy specials on Netflix, but as Davidson’s payment has not been publicized, that is unlikely. We can imagine Davidson was paid in the hundreds of thousands range for his specials, or potentially a bit more.

How much did Pete Davidson make on SNL?

Cast members on SNL who are starting out usually make in the range of $7,000 to $15,000 per episode appearance. The highest paid cast members make around $25,000 per episode appearance. That means if a cast member earns $15,000 per episode and appears in all 21 episodes per season, they would have earned $315,000 from SNL that year. So, we can imagine for his eight seasons on the show, Davidson earned at least $2,520,000 in total.

How much did Pete Davidson get paid for The King of Staten Island?

It is not known how much Pete Davidson was paid for his semi-autobiographical role in 2020 Judd Apatow-directed The King of Staten Island. However, there has been some drama surrounding the co-star Marisa Tomei‘s payment. Tomei has claimed that over two years after the film came out that she still hasn’t been paid, however, insiders on the film claim not only was she paid, but her salary was in the seven-figure range. How strange!

Considering Davidson’s level of fame and experience at the time, it would make sense if he received a salary in the range of hundreds of thousands for the movie.

How much did Pete Davidson get paid for his SmartWater commercial?

Pete Davidson appeared in a SmartWater commercial discussing laser removal for his dozens of tattoos and the questionable decisions he has made in his life, which he attributes to dehydration.

It is not known how much the comedian was paid for this endorsement deal, but considering he is still building his star power, we can imagine it was less than fellow SmartWater endorsers Jennifer Aniston and Gal Gadot.

As such, we imagine he was paid at most in the hundreds of thousands for his appearance.

How much did Pete Davidson pay for his Staten Island ferry?

Comedians and former SNL co-stars Pete Davidson and Colin Jost recently joined a group of investors to purchase an out-of-commission Staten Island Ferry at an auction in January 2022. The winning bid was for $280,000, however, it is not known how much of that amount Davidson was responsible for himself.

When it comes to the plans for the boat, Davidson said, “There is going to be a bar, there is going to be a nice restaurant and… the lower level, the big space is going to be an entertainment space and we’re going to dock it in the city. Or it could all go to s—- and I’ll be doing lots and lots of gigs next year.” We look forward to seeing its revamped maiden voyage!

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